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Boat Slips

Single vs. Double Wells

Sometimes a pictures says it all.

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Slip Options

Choose a double or single well with a cover or lift.

Single Well
Double Well
Covered Well
Covered Slip
Single Well with Lift
Boat Lift
Eight Major Dock Structures

Our clearly labeled dock structures make finding your slip easy and convenient.

Full For The Season

We are no longer accepting slip contracts for the 2022 season.

Types of Boat Slips

Slips Available

Morse Marina has slip options to accommodate a variety of boat styles and budgets. For boats, we have six basic slip types available for Pontoons and Fiberglass/V-Hulls.

  • Available in 20-foot and 24-foot lengths
  • Outfitted with bumper pads, rails and cleats as necessary

8 Docks

We have 8 major dock structures named B through I plus a PWC Sport Port area. All our docks extend directly out from land and are clearly labeled, making finding your slip a breeze.

Morse Lake Map

Lake Map


2022 Free Slip Winner

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Half Double Well*

This in-water slip is a double-wide “U” shape. Two boats* dock side-by-side . The walkway is in front of and on one side of each boat. This is our most economical option.

  • 20-foot length on F & G docks

*Only similar boat types (pontoons, fiberglass runabouts, etc) share slips.

**Limited Supply


Single Well

This basic, in-water slip is “U” shaped and wide enough for one boat. The dock walkway is in front of and on both sides of the boat. There is no covering system.

  • 20-foot length on B, C, D, & E docks
  • 24-foot length on D, E, H, & I docks


Covered Single Well*

This in-water, single well dock configuration is located under roofed areas.

  • 20-foot length on C dock
  • 24-foot length on C dock

*Limited Supply


Single Well + Boat Lift

This single well dock configuration has a powered Hydro Hoist boat lift. It keeps both pontoons and V-hull boats out of the water. No roof or covering systems are available.

  • 20-foot length on B, C & E docks
  • 24-foot length on E & I docks

*Limited Supply


Covered Single + Boat Lift

This single well dock configuration includes a lift and is under a roofed areas.

  • 20-foot length on B & C docks
  • 24-foot length on B & C docks


Vinyl Cover + Boat Lift

There are 10 single well configurations with a vinyl cover. The lift keeps the boat up against the cover and protected from rain and sun.

  • 24-foot length on I dock


Jet Ski Slip

A limited number of uncovered Personal Water Crafts (PWC) Sportport Lifts allow for Jet Ski and Waverunner out-of-water storage.


More Ways to Save

Customers who store their boat with us over the winter receive a $150 discount on their slip the following season.

Slip Type 2022 Price
Half-Double Well $1780
Single Well - 20' $2185
Single Well - 24' $2315
Covered Single Slip 20' $3200
Covered Single Slip 24' $3330
Boat Lift 20' $3770
Boat Lift 24' $3970
Covered Lift 20' $4840
Covered Lift 24' $4995
Vinyl Cover System w/ Lift $5185

March 15th

Respond by 3/15 for a chance to win a free slip!


Storage Discount

Our customers who store their boat with us over the winter save $150 on their slip the following season!

Common Questions

  • How wide are the slips?

    Each leased slip is 10-foot.  

    Single wells are 10 feet wide. Half doubles well are 20 feet. Each lessee is entitled to a 10-foot wide space for their boat.

  • How long is the slip available for use?

    From Thaw to Freeze  

    Once slips are assigned, they are available for use “from thaw to freeze”.

    Indiana springs and autumns vary greatly from season to season. Once conditions on the lake permit boating, you are free to use the slip. In the fall, the weather will again dictate when it needs to be pulled. We try to have all boats removed from slips by the end of November.

  • What is the advantage to a vinyl cover?

    Saves Times  

    If you lease a slip with a lift and a vinyl cover, we can adjust the cover height so your boat will raise up and snugly tuck under the cover.

    This setup can eliminate the need to put your boat’s cover back on after each use.

  • What is lift capacity?

    Capacity Varies  

    Improvements in lift technology have allowed lifts to carry more weight. We’ve invested in these new lifts over the years and have a variety of lifts and lift capacities:

    • 4000 pounds
    • 4400 pounds
    • 6000 pounds
    • 6600 pounds

    The lift you need really depends on the weight of your boat. As a point of reference:

    • Pontoon boats tend to range in the 1900 to 2500 pound range.
    • Fiberglass boats under 22 feet are generally under 4000 pounds.
    • Fiberglass boats over 22 feet and those that are designed for wake surfing, wake boarding and similar activities will have weights that range from 4000 to 5500 pounds.
  • Does lease include use of the marina launch ramp?


    When you lease a slip, you have access to use the launch ramp at the marina without paying a launch fee. (This only applies to the particular watercraft for which you have leased a slip.)

  • Do you offer trailer storage?


    Trailer storage can be paid for and requested in advance, or simply when you launch your boat for the season. If you need your trailer at some point during the season, we ask that you call to request your trailer 2-3 days in advance.

  • How does the slip lease process work?

    Renewal or Waitlist  

    We guarantee that everyone who leased a slip the prior season can have their slip the coming season as long as they complete the contract and pay to renew by March 15th. Beginning in January, we accept slip contracts from new customers looking for space, as well as from existing customers who wish to change locations. In order to be put on our wait list you must complete the slip contract as well as put at least a 50% deposit down based upon the type of slip you are requesting.

    If we do the placements, after March 15th, and do not have a slip to lease to you, we will refund your payment in full.